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Survivor, Motivational Speaker, Challenged Athlete
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Creating Positive Outcomes by Shaping Our Circumstances

Abu Dhabi Seminar 2012

Motivational speaking Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2012

Chad Crittenden, Motivational Speaker

Thanks for visiting my remodeled website! This site has been newly refurbished and not only covers what I've been doing since being on CBS' Survivor but all kinds of other more recent endeavors as well. In recent news, I had the privilege of being a featured speaker in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

I'm excited to share an even more recent invite, as I was asked to present at TEDx SDSU. Please see below to view this video.

Along with showcasing a few of the things I've been up to in the last few years, my wish is that amputees visit and be encouraged in some way, much like I was early on as a new amputee reaching for inspiration. I found much of that inspiration through stories of others on the internet. If you happen to be a member of the elite group of us who have a fake leg or other limb, check out Amputee Resource Depot. This tab has information about my strategies as an amputee, and please peruse the Links tab to delve further. I have modernized and upgraded many of the components you see here, so look for updates to this page soon.

If you're looking for straight Survivor stuff - that is here too, as well as what I've been doing as a speaker, author and athlete. If you have any questions ranging from specifics about prosthetic components to what events are coming up, feel free to drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you!